"The 400 Route"!

Operations Track and Turnouts Control System
The Infrastructure "The 400 Route" The "Galloping Goose"

"The 400 Route" (Chicago North Western) has a single track mainline in Southeastern Wisconsin that meanders thru the rural countryside in a Northwesterly direction.

Some manufacturing and plenty of agricultural activities provide a healthy blend for the economies of the five towns and villages (West to East - Clyman Junction, Adams/Friendship, Grand Marsh , So. Beaver Dam and Wyeville) along the way.


During operations, cars are spotted at more than thirty-five locations along the route:

The Infrastructure:

  • A series of ten tables of various sizes are joined together to become the base for all the scenery.

  • The tables are arranged in the form of a mutant 'E' and are free standing in the center of the room.

  • Additional passing sidings and several storage tracks are on a lower level under one part of the layout.

  • A farmland backdrop is painted (by the superintendent) on both sides of a view-block, which runs down the center of the layout.

  • Where hills are required, two inch pink foam was glued in layers and formed into shape.

  • Structures, both kit and kit-bashed, along with privet hedge cuttings (for trees), plenty of Woodland Scenic materials, people and vehicles populate the countryside. 

The Track and Turnouts:

  • I used Atlas code 100 track with Peco switches.
    (I should have used peco track too for easier connecting and better alignment).

  • All turnouts are within easy reach and because they are Pecos (with a locking detent), no switch machines were needed and therefore no control panels. This saved uncountable hours of wiring.

The Control System:

  • I used the Atlas Master DCC System which can handle up to six trains at a time.

  • Hand controls are plugged in at convenient locations mounted into the facia for convenient walkaround.

  • Additionally I use XpressNET with two cordless phones for continuous remote control


The 400 Route-A Railroad Empire in Miniature
(making the most of a small space-400 sq. ft.)

I've Painted Backdrops for many local Railroads
in Southeastern Wisconsin, in addition to my own.

Contact me to do yours!!!

The "Galloping Goose" on our garage door

Another example of my painting with a favorite.